Initial Trailer Review

Craig has gone ahead to form two short teaser trailers and share them with the entire production team. These are only the first edits of them, so I provided some in depth feedback to help improve them. Generally I really enjoyed them and thought they were perfect for the tone of the film, so I had to do some real nit-picking.

I enjoyed this trailer, the more you watch it the more you notice what is going on in frame – i.e. shoplifting, items being bought, etc. The beeps were well timed and the background music had an upbeat vibe to it that would be typical of a supermarket. Part of the frame (white rack middle) appeared overexposed, but I’m sure they could be catered for in the grade along with boosting the vibrance of colours. Also the title needs to be motion tracked better to match the angle of the conveyor belt.

Once again the music fitted perfectly, with a slightly more sinister vibe to match the on screen character. The shot was nicely framed and held, with the sound of flickering titles matching effectively. I felt the font made the ‘Clean up on aisle two’ appear offset from the centre, looking at the still it is centred though. I knew we also filmed some funny footage of the character caressing chicken so it would be interesting to see if that worked. The lack of vibrance in this trailer heightens the sinister sense of character.

Relating these trailers back to my role on set, I am extremely happy with how the lighting has turned out. The first trailer is evenly lit, it does seem fairly bland, but this is something we were aware of knowing Dipo could sort out the levels and vibrance in the grade. The second is evenly lit too, with the lights from the cabinet acting as a stronger light from below to build on the eery vibe. The reflections in the background heighten the sense of light emitted from this source.


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