Phoenix Club Cancellation

Unfortunately Phoenix Club have had to pull out of the project due to a tour at the time of broadcast. I can imagine the frustration at having to source another act only two months before broadcast, but obviously this band lacked dedication to the project as they are yet to show up to any rehearsal date.

BV Call Sheet Feb 13

As I am yet to receive any sample music for the band I haven’t really made any developments in terms of lighting them. I am fairly indifferent to the news, whoever fills their slot I will get a gage on their music and select colours. It was probably for the best I didn’t get a sample of their music as we haven’t wasted money of gels. My only recommendation is to go with an act one of the crew members knows on a personal basis as they are the only acts who have been reliable for the project (Beth with Imprints, Jordan with Alex). It’s important to nail this issue soon as we are wasting rehearsal slots due to no shows, and we have limited studio bookings before we go live.


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