Gel & Desk Considerations

I am cautious to go ahead and order the lighting gels for performance until we have full confirmation of all the acts participating. I have full confidence in Alex and Imprints, but the third act has been causing issues as we near the performance.

I have measured out all of barn doors, the large fresnels will required 16″x16″ approximately, whilst the smaller need 12″x12″. The main stage will feature around 12 lamps, with the acoustic using a further 7 lamps (including practical floor). Taking this into consideration I can at least build a vague price, having taking a glance at the Stage Electrics website I anticipate a total cost nearing £50, I can report this back to Beth (Producer) so she can consider it for the budget.

The idea of bringing in a Mobile Access Tower so I can light from the studio floor is not plausible due to budget restrains and worries of health and safety for the audience. I have been talking to Steve from the Media Centre about my proposal to move the lighting desk. After much discussion we feel if the desk was placed in front of the gallery windows on the floor it can provide a sufficient view point to see both stages. The audience may still get in the way of my view, but I can gage a good idea during broadcast, this can combine with having a live feed to a monitor on my desk.

I have also been able to acquire some lighting gels that are similar to the colours I want to feature in the performance. I am currently playing around with the idea for green/orange for Imprints, orange/blue for Alex and something around the red spectrum for the third act. My range of gels aren’t ideal but it is definitely a good starting point, I currently have CTB, CTO, 1/2 Green and 1/2 Magenta to work with. They may not be strong enough but it starts to build a vague example of the final design without having to impact the budget.

Looking ahead I will continue to figure out my position in the floor plan so I can be most effective. I am definitely going to sit on the studio with a broadcast monitor, as we approach the next set of rehearsals I will continue to discuss this with Beth so I can get my department to a near finalised state. Once the equipment is shifted I can then make final tweaks to the rig plan whilst featuring temporary colours before going ahead and making the purchase for gels. Everything is ready to go, I just need to be slightly more certain before finalising.


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