Lee Vs Rosco Gels

Now that I’m starting to consider purchasing gels I need to access the best type of gel to opt for. Having decided to purchase from Stage Electrics it immediately cuts the decision down to Rosco Vs Lee, in the past I was always under the impression Rosco was the better option but now my opinion is beginning to sway.

Looking at the arguments between the two suppliers there doesn’t appear to be any difference. It’s like an argument between Pepsi and Cola, it’s purely personal preference and to a further extent the colours offered by either brand.


The only difference I can find regarding the gels would shift preference to Lee. The company constructs thicker gels as they impregnate the colour onto the gel surface whilst Rosco makes the colour as part of the mixture as a whole. The thicker Lee gel will retain more heat when transmitting light, but it does suggest a higher prominence of colour in its construction.

This argument is inconclusive, working for North Somerset Council Rosco was the prominent brand, studying at UWE I come across Lee filters more often (maybe the case of theatre vs film). Currently I am using some of UWE’s gels for Alex’s performance so for this reason alone I will continue to lighting using Lee gels, there is no scientific or stylistic reasoning behind my choice, purely keeping with the current brand of gels.



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