Spectre Behind The Scenes

A little bit different from what I’ve previously sourced, as this is a modern action movie I couldn’t resist seeing some of the behind the scenes. This is the main action sequence for the movie, and even though its so different from the main shootout we’ll be shooting soon there is still a lot to pickup.

The cars are rigged with several cameras for additional shot pickup, but most interesting is the way they accommodate light continuity. The rig appears to feature a large reflector to fill out the characters face whilst an black flag is present on the roof acting as a visor to prevent harsher light.

Dennis Gassner describes this filming location in relation to the Bond series:

…continue the history of the Bond films in making things that are exciting for the audience to look at…

This is a fantastic quote to come across, a very inspiring way to look towards filming the final sequences for Postal Service. It’s not just the case of running around with guns, but carefully choreographing and adapting to the situation we are presented with in order to make it as exciting as possible. It’s not often we’re given the chance to orchestrate an entire gun battle, so don’t waste the opportunity. I’m already thinking how to expand upon the scripted combat and truly utilise this opportunity, I hope Kurt (Director) and Jack (DP) can get on board with this approach.


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