Set Design Revamp

The set design/build for the project I will now be overseeing as it is closest to my element of the broadcast – visual design. Lewys had previously been told it was not going ahead so he was really pleased to hear that we were continuing to pursue the project and wanted to go ahead with the set build. The main reason for the meeting was to evaluate the costs and rework the idea to something that could definitely go ahead for the new format of the show.

The breakdown for the original design:

  • Set boards – 7 x7mm plywood (£49)
  • Backing – £1 per meter – 9 x 7 (£63)
  • Screen surrounding boards – 2 x 7 (£14)
  • Table 9mm 1 sheet (£14)
  • Acrylic graphics (£20)
  • AstroTurf flooring (£30)
  • Staging belongs to frenchay
  • Paint (£10)

Approximate total cost £191, with LED strip lighting £230 estimate.

Lewys and I then discussed the idea and how we could compromise the concept to simplify and reduce the cost and processing time. The staging is necessary, whereas the AstroTurf I would argue is vital to avoid the amateur studio floor look. We also felt the screens weren’t necessary, instead having one television to play a showreel as the studio will constantly be cutting away to VTs. The back boards and physical construction could also be reduced from the 3 back and 2 kicks either side. Each one is 1.2m wide, the desk is around 1m wide so two boards would be sufficient coverage. It is important to ensure we don’t catch the edge of the boards to show the darkness behind.

For example by ditching 2 kick boards/backing and the tv screen boards we could save £46. Cutting down the set further we came to the following breakdown:

  • 2 backboards with varsity acrylic printed
  • 2 kickouts with uni logos on
  • AstroTurf floor (might get away with 1)
  • Main desk
  • TV screen inside front of desk
  • Paint

We estimate this design costing £124, once LED strips are added around £150. Both Lewys and I were extremely happy with the revamped design and felt like it was effective for the programme. I sketched out a rough design for reference purposes.


The backboard remains the same with Acrylic letters reading ‘Varsity’ and some additional information, this time two boards wide. Each kickout will feature the crest of either university, printed and mounted to a circular plate that will be surrounding with LED strips. The desk houses a television screen playing highlights throughout the show in the background, it also has a black ‘V’ engraved behind the screen. The red top will be a combination of each teams colours, finally the floor will be AstroTurf.

The build will take a week minimum, more time allows for fine tuning. It will be assembled by March 18th for rehearsals. All materials are local, UWE Fabrication stock a lot for quick access, otherwise 3-4 days for delivery. Worst case we can get the rough design set up by March 18th and continue to finalise it inside the studio.

I am waiting on confirmation of budget from Mike before going ahead with the design. Worst case scenario a potential budget idea could be the main desk, astro floor, and various canvas light up shapes dotted around for depth. The next step/meeting will take place March 5th.


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