Compiling Assets

Today the picture lock was finally available so that I could start the grading process. This has been almost three weeks later than originally intended, as a result I have had to majorly juggle my schedule on other projects to accommodate on getting the grade completed. Never the less having seen more of the footage I am eager to start the grading process tomorrow.

Today was focusing purely on compiling assets. I exported an FCPXML from Adobe Premier, placing alongside all of the original rushes/R3D files. There were a few errors reported, most with audio, having explored all the time codes I can’t see anything obvious to have caused it so there is nothing I can really do in order to stop it having already attempted to remove all effects it things exists on the relevant tracks. Once all rushes and the XML were together I copied all across to the online file storage.

The change from Mac (edit system) to Windows (grading system) added a lot more time for this additional copying process. On a positive note it now means there is a backup of all the files, I am under the impression Tom surprisingly hadn’t done this. Now all of the assets are in the grading suite I shall start on a clean slate first thing tomorrow.


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