Studio Schedule Update

Mike has now informed me Basketball has been cut due to a lack of crew members and lack of time to rehearse. If I had known about this earlier I could have roped in additional crew, he was missing a vision mixer (knew Joe was interested), two cameras (could have asked Nathan, Dan, Josh, Mike, etc) and one sound (potentially Kurt, George or Dan). Even pulling a crew together for Mike last minute he felt it was all too rushed so decided to focus purely on a Match of The Day style review show. A 1 hour broadcast with discussions and VT cutaways.

This new plan of action doesn’t effect my role as lighting designer or overseeing the set construction. As a result I have reworked the studio schedule to accommodate for new deadlines on the scripts, VTs, etc. I have amended it to accommodate for the other Heads of Departments and now have officially released it to the entire production team. I have requested all team members report to their respective heads for queries on precise time as I anticipate people wanting to make some amendments, the important thing is everyone is present for rehearsals on Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Crew members have already acknowledged and ‘liked’ the post on Facebook as a form of confirmation and agreement.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 17.14.26

Reflecting upon my role I am now very firmly collaborating with the final set design and construction. Lewys and I have worked closely to develop the concept to the new budget and show style, he is physically constructing it, however when it comes to building it in the studio I will be on hand. I have also managed to secure my good friend and set designer James Helps for Wednesday 18th when we move it into the TV studio. Finally my role has now embodied scheduling the studio, as with most projects my natural ability as a producer has come through to pull things together and organise elements so that the project can continue to progress.

Now set construction is under way and the schedule is set I can look into purchasing the LED strips required. I am happy with adapting my lighting plan for the new set and will play around during set construction day with the lighting rig.


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