Grading Log 10/3

Start: 02:36.07
Finish: 04:09.18

Office Block
Blue and cold, uninviting atmosphere until Lindsay shows up. Tried making things darker/higher contrast but didn’t like the effect. Have pushed the blues but kept an overall wash through offsetting the colours.

Red Coat is an iconic piece of clothing constantly recurring with Lindsay. Have used quantifier to isolate and heighten red tones to make her stand out from the scene. Cuts through the blue, her colour like her character acts like a catalyst for changes in the narrative and palette.

Script states pushing blues towards purples when she smokes. Successful to suggest romance and passion by pushing towards pinks and purples. Have been able to time a dynamic keyframe colour movement, still playing around with precise timing.

Previously listed ‘Pink Passion’ palette for intimate moments between Leon and Lindsay, this shift to pink/purple starts to embody this recurring palette idea. Tried to shift for entire scene after this moment of smoking but looked very unnatural for wider shots. Instead have turned the intimate shots of mouth/eyes/etc into this new palette showing a jump between reality and the romantic dream.

10/3 Log Summary
Have been trying to keep by notes on script about colour as much as possible. Have been able to reference previous constructed palettes. As shots vary from the script in terms of colour I am best utilising what is in frame to bring out iconic items.


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