VTs Green Screen

My first role since joining the project was lighting some green screen for a MTV style news report that will be released each week in the run up to the live broadcast. I have had plenty of experience in lighting green screen in the past, in this instance I only had the back wall as the subject was framed from the waist up.

I used the overhead tube racks for an overall green screen light. There was some subtle gradient in the background, the further down the darker the screen got making keying difficult. I introduced two 1K fresnels from either side directed at the base for even coverage.


I had marked the subject a little distance away from the screen so that they were in darkness, separating them from the green screen light source. Over this year I have adopted a priority with backlighting before introducing any key or fill, removing the conventional 3 point lighting system from my methods. In this instance I had two 650W fresnels either side of the subject hitting their head and shoulders to pull them out from the background. I then introduced two more either side of their face for an even layer that distinguished features without casting ugly shadows.

After the first few takes I noticed an issues with harsh shadows cast on the subjects torso from their hand gestures. I was able to reduce this slightly with another fresnel directed at the torso, but kept it weak so that it didn’t wash them out. After the first subject had completed their pieces to camera I merely had to adjust the position of the rig for the height of the second subject.


I found today a quick and simple shoot for lighting. Green screen can be a complicated concept, I feel I have a strong amount of experience with lighting for it now which help make today an extremely quick turnover. I am still a little uncertain as to the extent of lighting on this project but over the coming week Claudia and I will meet up to discuss it further and my role.


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