Odyssey 7Q+


This is the piece of equipment that we were waiting for in order to shoot on the SonyFS700 at 4K, and having used it on set I am already loving it. Jack has been responsible for using it whilst I was operating the camera, so I haven’t had much chance for a hands on experience yet. With the final filming dates approaching I will been undertaking operating it as Jack is unable to make the additional filming dates due to other projects.

The 7.7″ OLED 8-bit 1280×800 touchscreen allows SDI and HDMI inputs or outputs. Working with Sony RAW, Canon RAW, ARRIRAW and POV Raw it is compatible with a wide variety of cameras; able to capture this as uncompressed DPX or convert directly into an Apple ProRes 422 HQ codec. Using it with the Sony FS700 you can capture 4K RAW up to 60fps, with higher speeds available in smaller bursts.

The Odyssey boasts a useful set of features that have proved extremely useful on the production already:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 00.26.13

The OLED touchscreen has been a great reference tool, useful for Jack as he isn’t operating the camera and even more useful when I am having to compose awkward shots (e.g. flipping the Steadicam to get closer to the ground). The range of inputs and outputs makes it a diverse piece of kit, only having to rely on one input to achieve so much potential from the Sony. At times being attached to a cable can be awkward during Steadicam operation, but this is more likely due to the rigid nature of video cable we have been using.

The LUT support ensured we were able to preview the desired look, really helping to get immersed in the production process further. The zoom feature was the most surprising function, the ability to zoom in and scroll across the image saved so much time when checking shots. This function expanded across all features present in the device. I’m certain there is even more potential in the product, so far it has been everything we needed and more.

The ability to record 4K ProRes from the 4K RAW is one of the stand out features from the Odyssey. Being able to compress and downscale within the device produces better images with greater amounts of data, whilst being able to maintain smaller file sizes.

Each firmware update for the Odyssey sees more power unlocked from the FS700 and it can only get even better. The device is simple to use with easy navigation functions, its duration but lightweight, and recording to SSD drives is without problems. Personally the only issue I’ve faced with this device is housing it and stopping glare on the screen from the sun. Whilst price may be an issue currently I’m yet to encounter this factor and am happily appreciating this new piece of equipment and would highly recommend using it.


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