Grading Log 13/3

Start: 10:56.24
Finish: 16:04.10

Ingrid Shop
Uncertain of using blue desaturated palette due to the amount of yellow in the scene. Have created both a desaturated yellow and desaturated blue grade, upon review currently preferring the blue but can get second opinion late, both strong palettes for conveying depressing tones.

Iconic red jacket. Tried placing node over desaturated but having trouble using qualifier due to lack of definite colour. Debating whether she should be highlighted in red in this scene as her presence is unknown. The red identifies the character and shows how she stands out from the crowd in Leon’s eyes, almost seems inappropriate to reveal her to Ingrid at this stage. Potential future scenes she could be highlighted red for danger for Ingrid whilst red for lust for Leon.

Very dark and blue when outside. Added node to bring levels back up so Lindsay is visible, dynamic key-framing when she approaches and enters the shop door, switching the node back to default. This dynamic node has been placed over the top of the palette choice.

Will revisit for jacket verdict.

Lindsay Flat
Disappointed they are no longer intercutting shots between Ingrid and Lindsay. This was the emotional transition that would be mimicked in colour choice as the blue and pink palettes start to intertwine showing the shift in Leon’s emotional disposition.

Use of pink/purples to invoke passionate moments between Leon and Lindsay as prior. Tried to wash or the entire scene but it didn’t feel right, have used the record player as a device to draw out the palette as the scene becomes increasingly intimate between the characters. Warming gold wash prior, mimics earlier palette of warmth of house but now Leon finds that warm with Lindsay.

Colour change won’t work for first time they lock lips as it cuts back to golden wide. Too sudden a shift back and forth, could argue the intimate moment is delayed until the record starts playing. Happy with golden and pink palettes, may need to shift the keyframes as appears with a green tinge.

Lindsay & Leon In Shop
Concept continues with earlier shop palette. Copied across the grade for continuity, had to tweak as it was too dark and desaturated.

Initial choice too blue, raised lift and lowered gain for flatter look. Subtle variation in grade for each angle due to changes in light levels (i.e. heavy backlighting from cigarette stand and darker by counter area).

Wind Farm Shot
Could have continuation of earlier pink/blue outdoor palette, instead wanted to play on Pathetic Fallacy. Used pink/blue as base and manipulated to darker version for sense of depression and approaching danger for the relationship.

Watched in sequence with scenes before and after, pink/blue doesn’t feel right, needs to be very depressive palette reflecting stormy nature of the shot. Desaturate with higher contrast for impending storm, still works as Pathetic Fallacy as impending storm on their relationship.

Ingrid Letter
Attempting blue palette, have constructed test before finishing for the day. There is a lot of yellow in the shot so by dragging to blue it creates a turquoise which doesn’t look right. Will continue next session playing around and see where I can pull the grade.

13/3 Log Summary
Will revisit scene when Lindsay first enters the shop, upon reflection if her red jacket stands out it becomes a signifier for Ingrid of impending danger to her relationship. This qualifier will take time as it troubles to find all of the colours so may need to manually keyframe a power window to follow the movement of Lindsay in and out of frame.


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