Alex Rehearsal

Another successful rehearsal with Alex! This is such an easy setup compared to the bands and I feel like the entire crew is confident with his performance. As we operate so strongly as a unit for this performance it gave me a great opportunity to play around further with lighting ideas.

I have  had the opportunity to test the backlighting on the curtain further, using the black with CTB filters is definitely the best option. It subtle brings them out, but nothing too distracting.

In terms of Alex’s performance I have been able to set his lighting state in stone now. Following the setup from his previous performance (with some subtle adaptation) I have chosen to introduce two floor lamps (red heads as only ones with DMX control) lined with CTO gels to introduce slowly for lighter parts of tracks. It is an extension of the idea of more colour and subtle changes to reflect the mood of a song. Some of Alex’s songs will feature additional orange light for brighter/faster tempo parts, whilst others will remain CTB for a mellower feel.



Today was a successful rehearsal and I have been able to develop my lighting further. I feel like it is nearing a final state, once I have ordered all of the lighting gels then everything is pretty much ready to go for my department finally. Alex will continue to use a combination of CTO and CTB gels, they have worked successfully so far, it seems an unnecessary task to purchase a different set of colours for something that has worked fantastic with little flaws in the lighting. Looking ahead I think I will definitely need a good day to rig the lighting, I have a lot of rigging to get sorted for the complexity of it all. Jesse also needs a day for sound so I expect the first Monday in the schedule to be purely for setup purposes.


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