Indie Lighting

Now Saona are confirmed as our third act I have looked at performances by similar bands. Seeing the way they are represented on stage will help me to establish and palette and execution style for lighting the band. Once again I have continued to look at examples from ‘Later With Jools Holland’ as it remains a strong influence for the entire execution and style of Bristol Vibes.

The Kooks – Naive

This performance primarily uses a cool palette with prominence from green and blue tones. The lighting remains in a fairly static state during mellow element, but will introduce dynamism following pickups in the rhythm.

The Vaccines – Blow It Up

Opposing the previous example The Vaccines create a warm and intimate feel through the use of orange and red tones. This opposes the general colour association with the genre, but can still link to stability in its earthier form. The fact the band are dimly lit builds into the intimate mise-en-scene from the colour cast and static lighting.

Arctic Monkeys – Snap Out Of It

Finally this performance seeings the two casts used in combination, working well together due to their contrasting nature on the colour wheel. Blue is most prominent in the indie/alternative genre followed by red, likely sharing a relationship in the genre due to their relationship with one another.

With a focus more so regarding colour I am identifying prominence of the colour blue with the genre as I anticipated. The colour is associated with depth and stability, creating an overall calming effect. The mellow tones allows the audience to relax so the colour further enhances this emotional disposition. I feel like this should be a prominent colour in my palette choice for Saona due to its cultural connotations and its association with the genre of music.

Furthermore considering light movements the slowly tempo doesn’t require much change in the state of lighting. Potentially the option for slow fades in order to avoid something too static and flat. This is a nice contrast to the energetic performance that Imprints provide.


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