Reshoot Finalised

Originally the reshoot for Glenside was planned for March 15th or 22nd, however both of these dates had to be scrapped as Tom (Kramer) was unavailable due to work. I tried speaking to him trying to find a date but contact broke down so Dan and Nathan took over communication. They came back to me yesterday confirming March 29th as the best possible date.

I have since contacted each actor individually to ensure everyone is available, and thankfully everyone has been able to make the date. I have since gone ahead and emailed all of the contributors confirming the date. Currently I am estimating from 10am – 4pm. I have also been trying to get in contact with Jacqui Blake (UWE Relocations) again to confirm Glenside, I am awaiting on a response for this.

I have sent the following email. I will now ensure all of the elements are pulled together so everything is ready for March 29th.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 12.29.46


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