Shooting Day 3

Despite a few delays in scheduling the final filming date the whole crew were back together today to wrap up Lost In A Supermarket. Today we were filming in one of the toilet cubicles in UWE Bower Ashton. Having previously taken a quick look as an informal location recce my first job of the day was supplying power inside of the room. I grabbed an extension reel to source power from down the corridor, making sure to pull out the entire reel to avoid burning through the coil, and then taping down everything safely with sufficient filming signs to warn public. Due to the limited power it meant I had to be creative with lighting, but also the available space proved the bigger issue.

Initially I played around with Dedos clamped above the cubicles, this soon became too fiddly a job and started to prove difficult in cables and restrictions to camera movement. Instead I flooded the room with a 2K Arri bouncing off the white ceiling. I then concealed a KinoFlo Diva behind the end cubicle and directed it towards the mirrors acting as a practical solution for bouncing light. Unfortunately the spacial restrictions meant there was little else I could do.

In an ideal world I would have composed lighting for every shot, instead I found myself standing with a reflector to best utilise the available light from the Arri and Kino. I am happy with what I achieved concerning the circumstances, there is definitely continuity throughout the scene, I do worry about the lack of illumination at times, but then filming on the REDOne does have the RAW capabilities to pull in the grade.


Once the shoot was under way there really wasn’t much else to report. The lack of space meant I wasn’t on location at all times, but whenever I was around I was happy with the state of lighting and would stand with a reflector, especially key for close ups of characters faces.

Today was so different from the previous filming, it’s really allowed me to experience both ends of the spectrum as a gaffer. One where I have full control over the entire studio, and the other when I am having to squeeze and utilise every bit of light as best as possible. Nevertheless I am extremely happy with how everything looks, I have already mentioned to Dipo (Colourist) to play up the vibrance of colours for the slightly oversaturated and bright comedy look.


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