Contributions Completed

When I think of my contributions to this project I tend to think of my work at the Bottleyard Studios, forgetting about further work for the final shoot in the UWE bathrooms. This project offered me so much valuable experience in lighting, and through this I have made some useful connections and learnt so much regarding lighting for media production in Bristol.

Having the ambitious job of lighting up an entire warehouse really made me think about the art of bouncing and distributing light in order to fill a large space. Having to consider the logistics of lighting alongside its technical and creative application called on my skill set as a producer, combining all of these elements made for a challenging yet enjoyable experience. I feel like I really pulled through in my role, and without my input the entire production could have failed. Not taking away from everyone else’s contributions, but at the same time a lot of trust was placed on me to make the location work and I’m so proud to say I continued to prove myself as a lighting specialist.

Whilst I am considering a role in live event and theatre the ambitious nature of lighting the warehouse is something I can use to promote my abilities. It combines a knowledge of kit, how to apply light, along with demonstrating professional connections with companies such as SkyOne, Bottleyard Studios and Filmscape.

The professional connections I have made during this production have already proven useful and I think they can play vital elements in finding my career. I have names of individuals and companies that can find a home in how I market myself. I’m so glad I chose to join this project and I’m so proud of what I have achieved purely in illumination the location without factoring in the creative application of light.

I really hope the edit for this project goes well, it was great fun to work on, but I understand how difficult it can be to convey comedy on film. No matter how it turns out I will continue to be proud of my contributions to the project.


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