Shooting Day 9

After rescheduling we were finally able to meet up and complete everything for Postal Service. What started off as some pickups with Jack and the extras had gradually increased seeing and Joe (Editor) and Kurt (Director) had gone through the edit so could request some additional coverage. Admittedly not a conventional practical, but seeing as we had the opportunity to do this it made sense.

Jesse (Sound), Kurt and I (Camera) were the only ones able to attend the shoot, we managed between the three of us but really could have done with an additional hand – i.e. clapper, odyssey, props, etc. We operated to Kurts shot list, this consisted of killing off extras, additional coverage of Jack and Bennett, along with picking up some cutaways. The organised shot list and incentive by all to wrap up the project made it a very quick turnover, keeping to schedule well. Unfortunately we had a few issues with missing props, as a result some shots had to be cut and some minor continuity errors may be spotted.


I was extremely happy with all of the coverage, once again I built upon shots to keep the frame interesting. I like to think I had a good head for continuity as I was always suggesting to Kurt how the subjects should move to consider their movements. For example I had Steph (extra) run into frame in order to justify an earlier explosion of another extra she was stood next to in the long Steadicam shot, but not when he was actually shot exploding.

We managed to pick up the news report with Chris (Bennett), changing the way it was scripted as a formal report into a casual street encounter with the paparazzi. We used an alleyway just around the corner from the location, thus being able to reduce the shot list left for compositing onto the film (now just CCTV of Jack’s daughter in a jail cell).


Unfortunately we had to scrap the scene 11 montage due to a lack of props and extras. By this point it was just Kurt and I as sound was not required, we chatted through the options and decided to get some mock CCTV style shots that could break up the previous and following scene nicely. Scene 11 would have been nice but in the grand scheme of the narrative it isn’t that important.

We wrapped up the day with some green screen photography with Ian and Chris so that Kurt can start compiling posters and publicity materials. Kurt has already created the following mock up poster design.


I am happy that we grabbed all the content we needed, we fulfilled the shot list and a little extra. I felt like the composition was strong, keeping consistent with previous Steadicam shots of giving a sense of space by car directions and keeping the frame interesting with movement and parallax. Everything ran smoothly, no issues to report; the performers were great, acting as a small unit had its benefits, this should definitely be everything we need for the final edit.


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