Contributions Completed

This has been the most enjoyable project to work on by far this year, a great crew, great cast and just a fun subject matter. Everyone really embraced the comical nature of the piece so you could only ever smile when the camera was rolling, often having to hold back laughter whilst watching actors perform. I really think it could be one of the most enjoyable films of the year, it’s like making a fun films with friends only with a larger budget and thousands of pounds worth of professional industry equipment.

The fun nature of the filming process counters the stressful nature of how the shoot was organised often. Whilst I appreciate what was achieved (e.g. arsenal of weapons with entire free access to street) this level of organisation wasn’t consistent. I found my natural intuition as a leader and logistical worker having to help make the production possible, often going beyond the call of duty as being a gaffer (e.g. getting all extras on the day for shoot out).

Purely focused on my work as a gaffer it was nice to sit back in a role where I could continue to build on my craft in lighting without the worry of all the planning that goes into each shoot. I feel Jack (DP) and I made a really good team and I’m really eager to see how the footage has turned out. A nice addition to this project was getting to undertake the role of ‘Steadicam Op’, this is purely a personal interest and something I enjoy, so it may be my last time getting to do it. The one shot running down the entire street is probably my favourite, undertaking this managed to keep me occupied when working outside restricted many lighting options.

Amongst all the crew, the nature of the film and roles I undertook the other great element was working with actor Ian Hoyle. I worked with him in my first short film at UWE (Alcoholic Chocolate) so it was great to work with him again as I wrap up my university experience.

I can summarise this entire production as “fun”, I just loved every moment and would not change a thing. Professionally it has continued to build my skills as a lighting specialist, also adding to wider skills such as organisational and logistical. The edit is going to pull this thing together, hopefully with a strong sound design and well executed VFX it could be one of the films to watch out for. I will definitely find time to give my input on any stage of editing.


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