Contributions Completed

I came into this project as an opportunity to refine my craft in lighting design, I feel like I have come out of it with more experience in set design and construction than any other role. The fact this project fell apart made it such a valuable learning experience, and on the way to making it work I undertook a whole new skill set and was able to rekindle professional relationships that have proven so vital.

Considering this project purely from its revamp it was great to work with so many dedicated individuals, rather than accept the project as bust we all pulled together to get some form of broadcast output. Everyone was able to expand their skill set and undertake more than what was required, and even if the final execution wasn’t entirely perfect the fact we were able to broadcast is a huge achievement.

Whilst I my role started to sway away from lighting I still learnt a lot regarding studio lighting during the pre-production process. When it came to set design I always considered lighting and ended up implemented practical lamps in the built (LED strips). My professional relationship with James Helps was one of the defining moments in this project and my career path towards lighting design.

With James’s expertise and connections in theatre he was able to put me in contact with some industry professionals, ultimately leading to my application with Alma Tavern and Redgrave Theatre. Set building brought its own learning and inheritance of skills, starting to shape me as a technician.

The general feeling of relief follows the completion of this broadcast, the fact it was a salvaged project I do not expect anything more to follow. However the friendship I have built with James will continue to flourish and I’m certain he will be a vital contact for getting where I want to in the near future.


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