Reshoot Final Confirmation

All preparations have been made for Sunday’s filming. I have had to run around between departments to locate crew and make sure everyone is happy to film at the suggested times. The crew consists of the following:

  • Director – Nathan
  • Camera – Joseph
  • Sound – Jordan
  • Unit Manager – Harry

Jacqui Blake (UWE Relocations) was happy for us to go ahead filming again, I simply had to send through another copy of the previously approved health and safety forms seeing as we are doing exactly the same. I have had to make changes to the initial scheduled times as Beatrice (Casey) won’t be able to get a coach into Bristol until 10am. I am hoping everyone can start filming by 10.45am, considering the rest of the crew will be at the location from 9.30am everything should be ready other than makeup upon arrival.

Mike has completed a shot list for the day and passed it onto Joe. With Nathan away on holiday and Dan about to leave for holiday I have had no time to discuss what needs to be shot, hence allowing Mike full creative freedom on the shots, I figured Nathan could always contribute on the day.

The nature of doing an entire reshoots means weather and some continuity aren’t a huge issue, I have already mentioned people should prepare for rain. Helen and I have talked through costumes so that all the actors have what they need, I have contacted each actor to ensure they bring everything and told Dan to compile some continuity stills for Helen.

I have just collected the camera from Bradley for Sunday, Joe has all of the other kit. I am feeling confident in the reshoot, everything is organised and planned to the tee so as long as everyone remembers everything it should all turn out well. Unfortunately I can’t attend the shoot, but I will be standing by on the telephone to ensure everyone gets where they need to be. Harry will take reign on scheduling and AD duties on set. I will post a reminder call sheet to all of the cast and crew today.

WOTW Call Sheet 29_3

WOTW Risk Assessment Glenside 3 of 3


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