Emailing Paul Lewis

James Helps (Visiting Lecturer/Set Designer) has been a huge help to me so far this year in working on Varsity, and possibly future projects to come such as Bristol Vibes. As I have been taking a further interest in live events and theatrical work our friendship has become strong. He is fantastic at what he does and thinks highly of me when it comes to my work in lighting.

Following my recent work on ‘Varsity 2015’ James was assisting me in building the studio design, one requirement was for Astro Turf, James was able to source this from a friend at the Bottleyard Studios. This is where James introduced me to Paul Lewis, another theatrical worker who also lectures drama at the UWE Frenchay Campus. James has been fantastic in helping me get connected to industry professionals and really has been backing my efforts to find a career after university. Paul and I got on really well, he actually recommended I contacted him regarding some upcoming employment opportunities with local theatres.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 23.41.27

Paul responded promptly with a wealth of knowledge, offering voluntary roles with the UWE tech group. My concern with the voluntary role is due to the end of the season with the organisation I may no longer be eligible as I graduate this year. However the mention of jobs going at the Alma and Redgrave have perked my interest. At this stage I have been struggling to find the time to properly look at the job market, this is a lucky encounter I had with Paul and I will act upon this chance swiftly.


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