Successful Reshoot

I gathered the reshoot today went smoothly and everything was shot as planned. Having spoken to Harry he gave me positive feedback, they were even able to get down Max (Freddie) for an hour to get shots of his body being carried down to the van. The only major issue was the lack of lens adaptor for the Zeiss lenses to fit on the Sony FS700 body. I was so concentrating on securing a camera and lenses I didn’t get this vital element, nevertheless shooting a flat image profile shouldn’t make this change too noticeable.

On the morning of the shoot I had to go back and forth between Beatrice (Casey), her dad and Harry (Unit Manager) as her coach was delayed. It was just the case of pushing back filming particular scenes and then notifying Beatrice that Harry will come pick her up at a new time. The fact I heard nothing more from any cast or crew for the rest of the day I take as a positive sign. I look forward to seeing how the reshot footage turns out. I shall follow up with an email to cast soon updating on the state of the film as its currently in post production and soon will reach me for grading.


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