Grading Log 1/4

Continuing with feedback from Tom (Director).

Opening Kitchen
Deleted all nodes, started by pushing towards blue for daylight feel. Added qualifier to select all the yellow areas and push them back to original tones, also increasing saturation to subtly highlight the colour yellow that represents Ingrid.

Created different version for window parts as dramatic change in light and colour temperature. Went back over sequence and pulled shadows down so the image doesn’t appear ‘milky’.

Deleted top layer node that desaturated the image for natural skin tones, played around with other techniques but this was most effective for bluer image.

Started from scratch again, focusing on natural light. Shifted towards daylight then pulled shadows and highlights apart for added contrast as image appeared too ‘milky’. Then added the red coat node again plus introduced some subtle gold for added warmth.

Comparing the two I can see how stylised the original was. This film does call for heavy stylisation, but surprising how much difference it makes. Do prefer the cleaner natural new palette for the scene. The red introduction (lowered contrast now) does suggest the romance blossoming strongly.

Started from scratch, focused on natural light. Balancing shot, pulled shadows and highlights apart for good contrast. Introduced some blue to offset the image for added coldness and association with Leon.

Need to darken intensity of bright light and saturate colours for Lindsay and Ingrid. Reference off REDLog – dialled down temperature, brought down exposure so cigarette stand can be made out, increase brightness to counteract the darkness from low exposure.

Gamma/gain towards blue for artificial blue tinge from the shop, added coldness. Looked at natural yellow from location but case remains that it looks cluttered composition; the blue cools everything and let’s focus be drawn to the two characters.

Exaggerated red qualifier of Lindsay’s coat further. Also added separate node for the yellow of Ingrid’s jacket, brings both characters out of the scene further. Will replicate for all of the shop sequences.

Issues of being too blue when Lindsay is outside in the darkness, have to key frame the intensity to increase as she approaches the shop.


  • ISO 640
  • FLUT 0.40
  • Contrast 0.50
  • Saturation 1
  • Temperature 3200
  • Tint 7
  • DRX 0
  • Shadow -0.29
  • Exposure -1.80
  • Brightness 7.40

Variations in some shots (i.e. 800/0.4/0.4/1/4500/7/0/-0.29/-1.54/7.43).

Had to tidy up qualifier on yellow coat in some shots, added power window to isolate coat in some sequences as difficult to isolate the precise colour without dramatic effect on the rest of the shot.

End Window Kiss
Built similar nodes using REDLog, achieves similar warming effect but cleaner cut.

1/4 Log Summary
I have gone through the entire film to fix everything Tom has suggested, along with cleaning up some minor changes from several times watching back. I have sent Tom the amended shots and will discuss further so hopefully the next session I can get the film exported. Prior to export I will fix the few continuity errors in the edit for movement, Tom has already approved this and I will note the time codes for Jesse’s sound mix.


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