Production Role/Lighting Plan

A little delayed, but today was my first opportunity to properly sit down with Claudia (Producer) and go through the E-Bristol project I have signed up to do lighting design for. I came into the project last minute to continue to build my skills of studio lighting since Varsity was cut back majorly, my initial impression was basic generic studio lighting for a constructed set, like Varsity.

To quote Claudia, the format and method of talk shows are tried and tests, its the content that needs focus. For me this means the physical set construction will be very generic, and my role will be providing even light coverage throughout, with potential for some practicals. The set design is heavily influenced by ITV’s ‘This Morning’.



Claudia and I discussed various options for practical lighting. I think her initial ideas were thinking too far outside the box and breaking away from the style, there is so many cool things you can achieve through combining set design and lighting, however this project is very simplistic in its styling so it seems unnecessary to overcomplicate it.

A potential concept we both liked was wall mounting large wall lights on either side board with the ‘E’ from the ‘E-Bristol’ logo silhouetted through the lamp. The easiest method for this would be to buy wall lamps and secure card on the inside (safely from bulb), also it would mean we could potentially return the items.

Claudia really liked the LED frames Lewys and I constructed for Varsity. This was simply a wooden frame offset from the backboard then LED strips wrapped around the frame concealed behind its edges. This is a concept that is easily achievable as I still have 20 meters of LED strips at my disposal.


The final concept Claudia was interested in was placing floor lights in the set. I have suggested some lamps for practical lights. At this stage she is securing all of her set build so I have told her to buy whatever she would like in her set then we can experiment upon construction.

April 22nd & 23rd will be dedicated to set build and rehearsals, I will try to come in and help with constructed if possible. The live show will be April 24th at 4pm, with rehearsals all day.

For lighting it will be the case of using plenty of softboxes to evenly distribute lighting throughout the set without cast many shadows. From the ‘This Morning’ screen grab you can see some subtle shadows from some of the furniture on the floor, but nothing visible in the majority of camera shots. For me this is almost building upon the lighting rig for Varsity, only this time I can focus purely on lighting without getting distracted with set design.


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