Alma Tavern & Theatre

With an upcoming interview scheduled with the Alma Theatre now seems a good time for some further reading in preparation. The Alma is a pub and theatre complex, boasting great food, fine wines and real ales downstairs with an intimate space upstairs. I recall stopping by for a drink here a couple of years ago, obviously little use in preparing for this.


The Alma opened in 1997 making it the oldest pub theatre in Bristol. Upstairs was previously two function rooms that were converted into a larger versatile theatre and performance space. The venue works with local talent and connects with other theatrical venues and societies such as Bristol Old Vic, Hecate Theatre and Red Rope. The theatre space accommodates 50 people in tiered seating. The technical specs include:

2x Strand Nocturne Floods, 4x Strand Patt123 Fresnels, 2x Strand Quartet Pebble Convex, 2x ETC Source 4 PAR, 2x ETC Source 4 JR 25/50, 1x Strand Quartet 22/40. Three scaffold bars rigged upstage to downstage.

1x CD player, 1x Mini disk player, 2 channel amp and sound desk.

The spec suggests a very simply rig, there is nothing here that I feel uncertain of. I feel like I could quite happily walk into the venue and operate the listed equipment. The fact its such a simple setup suggests there is never anything hugely stylistic, with focus on the performance over technical execution.

The Alma is one of many venues across Bristol that promotes non-commercial performances and embraces all areas of the arts. They trial new performers across in house and scouted out of house productions. In my mind this instantly suggests a huge variation of performance to always keep the audience interested and keeping their eyes peeled for something a little different.

The fact that Holly Newton is listed as their point of contact on Theatre Bristol makes me think the other points of contacts for other venues could be possible methods to source job opportunities. Looking into the company I don’t think the job will be too strenuous, it will be interesting and a good way to start getting into the Bristol performance scene, however I’m not holding out on it being a challenging career prospect.

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