Studio Lighting

With the shoot approaching I felt it would be useful to look at some more examples of studio lighting in order to better prepare myself. The genre of E-Bristol as ‘daytime TV’ continues with my previous research into studio lighting, soft and even illumination across the entire floor. Soft light is great for making everything appear ‘beautiful’, hence its implication in modelling, it can hide lines and incite a warming effect in relation to the colour temperature. As always with soft light some definition is still required from additional lamps so it doesn’t appear flat.

Once the action begins in live television there are little options to change the state of lighting. You need to light to account for all possible angles from where cameras could shoot participants. This sways away from my personal interests in stylised lighting, however the back light definition can give me options to express my personal experience and great a distinct look for the program.


CBN’s ‘The 700’ was one of the first major US programs to adopt new technologies into their lighting rig to better the overall illumination. As you can see in the above image the rig bounces lights off reflectors to achieve their diffused and soft tones throughout the set. It was their investment in LED technology that interest me.

Randy Reed, CBN Supervisor of Lighting, was given the support and opportunity to advance upon their rig. At the time LED technology was starting to become prominent so they invested in this, mixing it with conventional fixtures. LEDs naturally give a softer and diffused throw making it ideal for this style of broadcasting. With 1K fixtures and matching calibrated temperatures it made it easy for an even throw of lighting throughout the set. The best thing about the upgraded rig was a fully automated system that enabled real time changes.

Whilst I may not be operating with the same level of technology I can definitely appreciate the techniques used. From the features still alone it opens options to bounce lights where softboxes are insufficient. There are only so many softboxes in our studio rig so this could be a viable option in order to get even more light onto set.


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