Rough Edit Review

Yesterday I was able to string together the first version of the BBC Sharpshotz short, today taking it to BBC Bristol with Liz for feedback. It was generally a good response all around, the content was strong and enjoyable, it is mostly the case of structure and some amendments to the animation. The following is the first version of the short.

I strung this together very roughly as the main purpose was to see if it is going along the right lines. I experimented with subtitles and know the audio levels need to be adjusted, both commented in various feedbacks. Unfortunately the students couldn’t make it today so we couldn’t get their opinions, we are hoping to visit their school over the coming weeks when we start to reach a final form of the film.

The animation was generally perceived as too heavy, liking baby pictures made it very awkward and too hard hitting. The idea is to make it more subtle not to come across strong straight away, perhaps talking about football in order to get the protagonist into the park? The conversation needs to be cut back further as the viewer struggles to keep up with the fast flowing text, I have already mentioned these points to Hannah (Animator) and she is happy to make the relevant changes.

Clarity in the films structure is also required, the idea of slicing together the documentary and animation elements would work to achieve this, potentially warping the sound in the animation elements to build tension for the antagonists reveal. I suggested starting with “Do you want to be my friend?” then cutting to the title and animation, straight away establishing the theme of the film.

This was further built upon with our feedback from the BBC News editor putting emphasise on the ‘hook’. Cutting in title graphics provoking questions could help to actively engage the audience so they start thinking about the content of the piece rather than waiting until the end of the entire film. For example; Tom is keen to meet new friends, he has an usual way of doing it, and he shares a lot of information with people.” Other than that the editor really enjoyed the content, shots and style of the piece, also noting the fast paced nature of the humour.

Generally very good feedback, now its the case of changing the edit and making amendments for the animation. Once the structure is strong I can fine tune the audio levels and add sound effects that can connote to Facebook. Come next week our team will assemble the next pass of the edit to send off to the sponsoring organisations for their approval for the signed off version of the edit.


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