Chris Hossent, Mark Uwins, Nicky Allen

During my research into ‘This Morning’ and studio lighting I stumbled across this interesting interview. It is a really insightful piece into the inner workings of live television, and what makes it even more relevant is the fact its ‘This Morning’, the program heavily influencing E-Bristol.

At the time of broadcast Chris Hossent was Vision Engineer, Mark Uwins Lighting Engineer, and Nicky Allen Sound Engineer.

Whilst I can appreciate the input from Chris Hossen and Nicky Allen it is the role provided by Mark Uwins I’m most interested in. Unfortunately this video isn’t a hugely informative piece regarding my craft, I do still find it an inciting¬†piece into the professional world of live television broadcasting.

The LD role is purely described as setting up lights to get the look of the director. Whilst he goes into lamp fixtures there is nothing specified in his approach to rigging. The cutaways suggest plenty of scrim to diffuse the light across the set, the vast amount of lamps in the rig demonstrate how the bright and vibrant look is achieved.

Some additional notes to take away from the video is ensuring I am prepared for everything. Make sure procedures are in place to fix any problems, in my department this could be having spare lamps across the set that can be switched to if a lamp blows during broadcast.


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