Broadcast Week – Day 4

Following the fallen light situation yesterday this was my first priority of the day. Whilst I awaited assistance on fixing the pantograph I went ahead and moved two lamps in the rig in order to allow a clear access route for the steps to both the acoustic and main stages. If I need to quickly grab them out it’ll make the process much quicker.

James Helps and Mike Sides were both around in the studio to assist in fixing the pantograph. Between them they were able to fix it easily, after it was done I had them show me the process so I understand for future reference. The locking mechanism is spring loaded, when this spring slips the lock fails causing the pantograph to reel out without anything to stop the cogs. Simply winding the spring back around the locking mechanism fixes the issue. The blue cog alongside this mechanism also allows you to tighten and loosen the tension of the cable, making it much easier to freely move the pantographs.


James Helps had hung the BV boards in place prior to my arrival. I helped him reposition them more central before arranging the lighting for it. As planned I opted to line the boards with various coloured gels, securing all in place on the backside with gaffer tape (so not to cause permanent damage). I tried shining a 1K fixture from the rig through the boards but it wasn’t providing sufficient coverage.


To light the boards I ended up introducing two practical 2K Arri lamps, one wasn’t enough coverage. Spacing both back from the boards and crossing over the beams managed to get the most even coverage, also taking note of the gels spilling on the acts and adjusting lamp position as appropriate. I really like the final effect, as a standalone it creates nice ambience and mimics the house style of the brand, and with the main stage rig lit the effect still continues well.


George and I decided to rehearse the lighting cues for all of the Imprints songs prior to their arrival, sampling two tracks off of YouTube. We came up with the following format, with George primarily focused on slow fading whilst I concentrated on flashes and intro/outro.

Pirates & Thieves
Intro green & blue. Snap to orange. Flash between two colours. Slow fade during verses. Chorus & ending dramatic flashes. Cut to black at end.

Box Wine Part 2
Start orange. Opening pulse green over orange. Both washes for first verse. Green & blue at bridges. Chorus flash between colours. Flash for ending.

Shortly after Imprints arrived so we were able to do a full run through of the show, unfortunately Saona couldn’t make it so we allocated time for their performance by sampling an earlier recording. Also allocating 5 minute blocks for VTs allowed George and I to practice turning over the lighting rig. Imprints decided on Ravens for their final track, this will work by pulsing and fading between various tones.


The full run through was really successful. I am extremely happy with the lighting, and practically no errors occurred. The first light turnover was awkward as we were cut down to the final second. The second turnover was perfect, I also had Nathan focus on moving the practical floor lamps so George and I could focus on the rig. George pulls down and removes gels, I fit new ones and push back, if there is any struggle with pantograph tension I will take over due to familiarity of the equipment. Both hitting the lighting cues and turning over the rig will improve the more we are able to rehearse.


The second run through was shorter just focusing on the songs meaning the rig wasn’t changed over, Nathan still swapped the floor lamps.

Imprints – Box Wine Part 2
Really happy with lighting. We hit all of the cues and it worked really well.

Imprints – Ravens
Pulsing lights was a good option. I tried highlighting soloists during performance but the camera movements accommodated for the entire band so it ended up making angles obsolete.

Alex – Next To Me
Start blue practicals, introduce back fresnels then the floor CTO lamps on guitar strums for strong warmth. Only use one side of the CTO for strong contrast of colour split down his face.

Alex – Run
Start with blue practicals and back fresnels, then introduce orange fresnels as appropriate.

Imprints – Pirates & Thieves
Happy with entire performance, all the cues were timed perfectly. I missed my cue for the final lighting flashes, I will listen to the track again on YouTube to avoid this error on the live broadcast.


Looking ahead to the live broadcast tomorrow I feel really prepared and am excited to get the content out there. I would like another rehearsal with Saona prior to broadcast in order to nail down the lighting cues, other than that I will go over the rig again to ensure everything is 100% ready for the broadcast.


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