Oxfam Training

In the lead up to my volunteering work with Oxfam I had to attend a briefing and training session to prep me. Over the summer I will be working at two music festivals, Beautiful Days, and Bestival. Prior to training I read through the following document, this covers most of what I need to know concerning my role.


When receiving my map it is worth marking up all of the relevant facilities and gaging an understanding of the site before the general public arrive (e.g. tent, shifts, toilets, stages, etc). Having a compass to guide around the map can be extremely useful, but if not use landmarks as a point of reference.

‘Oxbox’ are the main point of contact as all radio call go through them. This is done by standard radio call, and in emergency you can break radio traffic with “Priority, priority, priority to oxbox”. Radio calls may concern medical reports and lost or found children for example.

The whole purpose of the session was to give an overall understanding of the policies surrounding my role. It is very much common sense based, but still a useful briefing. Now that it’s completed I can eagerly await both the music festivals, it will be a completely new and exciting experience, hopefully making some useful contact in the live event scene on the way!


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