Grade Final Review

Today Tom (Director) was able to come into the grading suite for the final review of the project enabling me to export the final DPX files. He was generally extremely happy with the grade, there were a few tweaks to make but nothing too complicated. The common theme was pulling back the grade to a natural feel as some elements looks too colourful. This was mostly the case of isolating elements with power windows and qualifiers.

Untitled_I.1.1 Untitled_1.4.1

Sky Opening – Tom described the shot as ‘too candy-floss’. I have pulled back some of the pink for a natural feel, but at the same time kept a little for continuity considering the pink skyline over the rooftops.

Untitled_1.19.1 Untitled_1.19.2

Sky Opening – Pulling back the pink and blue once again, also adding a power window over the top left of frame to darken brighter parts of the sky.

Untitled_1.30.1 Untitled_1.30.2

Smoking Close Up – Colour cast on face slightly purple and unnatural, have used qualifier to isolate his flesh tones and pull them back to a natural coldness for added clarity.

Untitled_1.34.1 Untitled_1.34.2

Smoking Thumb – Leon’s hand is too pink and unnatural, have added a power window and qualifier to pull it back towards a more natural skin tone.

Untitled_1.87.1 Untitled_1.87.2

Colour Jump – The transition felt awkward and didn’t look right, I had always queried it and Tom didn’t like it. Have removed the colour change and continued with the pink/dreamy wash throughout the sequence.

Untitled_1.116.1 Untitled_1.116.2

Shop Jacket – Lindsay’s jacket appears off colour (orange), have added saturation and pushed everything towards red. This was a recurring element, likely due to changes in light so I have made this amendment a few times over.

Untitled_1.133.1 Untitled_1.133.2

Smoking Shisha – Leon looks too red faced, have added a window and qualifier to pull back natural tones.

The grade is finally complete and everything is ready to export. I am going through the export process with Dipo to check I have all of the DPX settings correct. As the export is 36mb per frame I am estimating around 1.2TB required for the output. Tom will be delivering a few shots to grade as he thinks one is missing from the edit, also the sequence I re-edited of Leon turning around twice turned out to be a stylistic choice and not a continuity error.

I am hoping to export the film tomorrow morning and grade the last few shots sometime this week.


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