Grading Schedule

Unfortunately the film has been unable to keep to the post production schedule that was agreed upon. I was supposed to start grading yesterday but now they are only starting to construct the edit so I am not hopeful on getting the footage for a few more weeks. Liz (Director) has spoken to me about this, the main reason for the delay has been the difficulty in finding a story due to the lack of operation meaning the story couldn’t make the hoped narrative arc.

My schedule on all films has accommodated for overrun meaning I can go ahead and grade later than I hoped. I have explained to Liz this may take me longer now as I won’t have any access to the dedicated DaVinci Resolve room meaning I have to rely on the desktop version on my iMac. The constant clicking and dragging of colour wheels makes the process much longer than the dedicated panel.

For now I am waiting to hear the latest on the edit, once that’s done I expect to discuss the story with Liz to find a way for the grade to work with the new narrative arc.


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