Second Edit

Following feedback from the previous session I have re-edited the film in Adobe Premier. Hannah (Animator) sent me the new version of the animation to substitute in, and Liz (Film) was happy with the suggested changes we discussed for me to go ahead and work on the new draft.

The main focus on this edit was reworking the narrative to clearly portray the meaning of the piece throughout. I achieved this by introducing additional titles as a form of narration throughout, also intercutting the film and animation elements. The narrative follows Ben as he progressively shares more and more information online, as a result (in the animation) it proves that you don’t actually know who you are talking to online. Portraying an overall message of ‘be careful what you do online as you don’t know who can actually see it’, almost justifying how the stranger met him on the football field towards the end.

Having secured a new narrative order I worked on heightening it through basic visual and sound effects. Starting with an overall increase in sound levels I then dubbed over sounds that can be associated with good and bad things (sourcing game show style sound effects). I also found a great library of cartoon effects that are free to use from ‘Crude Animation’. Starting with basic thumbs up and thumbs down I also discovered a version of the ‘like’ button, building perfectly into selected skits.

I have now replied via email to Nick and all participants confirming the next version of the edit. I have uploaded it to YouTube for ease of sharing, meeting the deadline for delivery by Thursday. Once I’ve received feedback on this I can hopefully work towards the final version of the edit and make fine adjustments, at this stage it wasn’t worth delving too far into fine tuning until the various organisations had approved it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 18.00.11


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