Broadcast Day

When I arrived at the studio James was making the last few fastenings to the existing set build. My first job was to get the LED strips rigged around the set, in order to do this I had to first fasten the E Bristol signs to the walls. Backing the foam board onto a wooden block I drilled the fixture through from behind the set, mirroring this exactly on the opposite wall. With Nathan’s help I then drilled a larger hole and threaded the LED strips through, fastening to the logo from behind with duct tape so that the strip could be clearly visible around the entire edge.


Cycling through the available colours I opted for the green and blue combination as it matches the colour scheme of the logo perfectly.

11195303_10153251086343516_1768094598_n 11178429_10153251086713516_1663042074_n

Nathan and I then played around with the idea of wrapping LED strips around the large E and B lettering as requested by Claudia. My concern of visible cabling was easily resolved once Claudia had revealed the wide shot that would frame out the trailing parts. Once the lighting rig was switched on the effect of LED strips on these letters was minimal, I’m glad we tested it just incase but the end result was removing the LED strips from them.

Before the presenters arrived Nathan and I touched up the brick paintwork as some parts of the blue back board were showing. I also had to trim some of the overhang with a Stanley knife.


Once the presenters arrived we went straight into various styles of rehearsal lead by Claudia (e.g. auto-cue read). One of the presenters appeared slightly dimmer on the sofa, Nathan and I played around with light positions with no success. In the end I added a fresnel dimly lit and directed it towards the second presenter in order for even illumination over the entire couch, thankfully this problem wasn’t apparent on the guest sofa.

With lighting tweaked and set in stone for the broadcast I then moved into the vision gallery where I fulfilled my role as VT Loader alongside Chris as Vision Mixer. As rehearsals continued I was able to make mental notes as to the cues and operation of the loader, such as cutting into the green screen for scrolling credits and what line to fade in the graphic. I also loaded a still of the E Bristol logo from one of the VTs onto the second player so Chris would always have a logo as an available cutaway in case of any issues (e.g. cutting during rolling credits incase fake talking becomes awkward).


In the last couple of rehearsals in the lead up to the broadcast Claudia had to run off to find Steve Heggarty regarding the live stream, I found myself stepping in as a director during this period, continuing as a co-director during the broadcast to support Claudia. I really enjoyed the role, as it was monitoring all departments and ensuring everything ran smoothly it resembled being a producer or 1st AD on a film shoot.

The full run through prior to broadcast went perfectly, pretty much hitting the half hour time scale precisely. I established a cue between Josh (Floor Manager) and the presenters so we could ensure timing was perfect, I wanted to avoid speaking in their ears as it could be distracted. When it came to broadcast Claudia opted for direct contact with the presenters, merely a case of personal preference.

The actual broadcast at 4pm went pretty much flawless, falling short of our intended time by 30 seconds due to a presenter jumping dramatically forward in an interview with The Cube. All VTs loaded correctly and the lighting was great so I’m happy with both of my departments. I struggle to see any improvements as I delivered everything expected of me without any issues. After the broadcast Joe, Nathan, James and I took down the set and organised the studio ready for the next project using the facility.



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