Duet Shoot 2

Today Will and I returned to finish filming on ‘Duet’, a short independent indie film produced and directed by video artist Matt White (http://www.matt-white.org/). I started this opportunity as an opportunity for work experience, as the length of the project has increased I have continued to commit professionally. Admittedly I am no longer looking for a role on a film set, but I appreciate the experience it offers and it is always another useful tool in my arsenal.

Alistair (DP) was running a little late due to traffic so I started unpacking all of the gear. Time was of the essence today, Matt and I went ahead and shot on a Canon 5D a point of view shot peaking through a crack in a bathroom door. I shot several versions varying in pace and composition.

Once Alistair arrived I helped to unload kit, I went ahead and rigged a KinoFlo 1K in the kitchen to match the natural light and fill out faces. Alistair decided to go purely for natural light in the end, however I was able to easily move the KinoFlo into the corridor for the proceeding shots.


The shots in the house were relatively simple, once the KinoFlo was rigged it was the case of bouncing some light with a reflector. I ended up pulling focus for some shots, generally assisting wherever possible to help for speedier turnovers.

When the unit moved back to the original hotel room I went ahead and started to rig light to mimic the previous shoot. This consisted of a KinoFlo 1K in either corner with CTB gel and diffusion in variation of the shot choices. Once again it was the case of assisting wherever possible to keep turnovers as fast as possible.


I had to leave set a little early due to commitments with my job at the Alma Theatre, Matt and Alistair were all okay with this as I helped rig the lighting for the final couple of shots. The entire day ran really smoothly, keeping a good work ethic as Alistair and I continued to collaborate well. He has mentioned about additional work opportunities to me so hopefully he will keep me in the loop regarding it.


Matt now has all of the footage and my input in the project is complete, it is now the case of awaiting the final export. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Matt and Alistair once again and they continued to be pleased with my work ethic. I very much look forward to seeing the final project and have my fingers crossed for any future opportunities from Alistair.


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