Brewery Theatre

Chatting to one of the barmaids at the Alma whilst working on Phone Whore she mentioned several smaller performance spaces in Bristol. It started off as a conversation about venues where Cameryn could performance, then I enquired about some of these venues as there could be potential for technical involvement. One that sparked my interest was ‘The Brewery Theatre’.


The theatre space is located on North Street almost directly opposite Aldi. It houses a 90 seat venue for an intimate atmosphere during performance, having worked at the Alma I can appreciate the smaller scale theatres more. It opened in 2009 and generals hosts a huge range of theatrical performances across in house productions and external contracts.

The theatre is advertised with access to the sound and lighting kit when externally hiring the venue. Full technical information can be found from the point of contact David Dewhurst. From research they list the following kit:

Zerro 88 Jester 24/48 with 24 ways of 10A dimming from Zerro 88 Chilli pack. Lanterns include 12x Selecon Acclaim Fresnel 650W, 4x Selecon 1K Fresnel 1000w, 6x ETC Source 4 Junior Profile 25/50, 6x Parcan 64 1000w.

2x JBL, JRX115, 15″ two way speakers, XLS402d Amplifier, 2x CD player, 1x MD player, 3x SM58LC microphones.

Recent local news reports suggests the building is being put on the marketplace. Currently Sower Estates is marketing the property that is sub-let by Kwik Fit Properties to the Tobacco Factory, also housing Mark’s Bread. Thankfully the lease to Tobacco Factory is for 25 years so even if the building changes hands the venue will continue to operate, it could be a limited time before the venue disappears for good, I like to think this is an unlikely circumstance.


As the theatre is part of the Tobacco Factory chain I will have to approach them for any prospect of work. Potentially if I can get a good relationship with the Tobacco Factory I could work across multiple venues they govern. Jobs aren’t clearly advertised so I will have to look a little deeper in hopes of this. Thinking of ‘The Brewery Theatre’ in particular it may be worth reading up more on their specific equipment so if I did end up working there I can demonstrate clear knowledge of their technology. Even if nothing comes of it understanding a wider range of equipment can never be a bad thing.

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