Marketing Strategy Update

Having secured a job with Redgrave Theatre and constantly been developing my professional self I feel like I should review the way I choose to market myself.

My professional approach and representation is yet to fail me, I feel I have established a clean-cut and stylistic brand that put emphasis on my production skills. I am still wanting to market myself for projects as I am not attempting to promote anything other than myself.

Now that I have gained additional qualifications and work I can continue to build upon my industry experience, remaining in my approach to highlight this with my university degree as a compliment to my wide skills set. Now that I am certain that I will continue to pursue live event lighting I need to shift focus of my brand to this. Currently it embodies a wide variety of work, roles varying from lighting to camera operation.

I do not need to make any dramatic changes to my marketing strategy, just shift focus fully to lighting and pull out as many live event projects as possible. This is the case of organising all of my materials so that lighting is always at the forefront, highlight other roles to compliment this (e.g. DP shows competence with creative lighting). As a result I plan to change my title of ‘Lighting Designer, Colourist & Media Practitioner’ to emphasis lighting and event work; this can be achieved by dropping the colourist role as it is a personal interest, not something I want to pursue as a professional career. My role as a colourist continues to compliment my pursuit as a lighting designer so it will remain a secondary factor on my marketing materials, one of many assets that act as an underlay to my lighting and live event work.

Looking ahead I feel I am building upon my lighting and live event skills. Now I have shifted emphasis to this and started a career path I know this will continue to grow. As this shifts happens I will slowly start to dissolve my emphasis on film work, hopefully to the point where it can purely highlight lighting or not be required anymore. My professional representation and branding will continue, emphasis will shift to work best for my career path.


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