Production Schedule Review

The projected schedule worked perfectly until it came to post-production, after this point nothing went as intended, coincidently this is also when I took a step back from the production and where many other productions got under way.

Production Schedule Final

The pre-production period for the film was extremely successful, we were all fired up and ready to jump straight in with production. Whilst casting ran over by a few days everyone pulled their weight to ensure production was ready to commence as intended, as a result ending a few days earlier than expected. During the filming period I found myself reviewing the production schedule on a daily basis, constantly keeping in conversation with Dan/Nathan (Directors) and Rashida (1st AD) to track the progress and review what still needed to be shot.

Taking actors availability and transport were the main factors in having the adapt the filming schedule. The fact the production took this much organisation on a daily basis made me appreciate having Rashida as a 1st AD. I was able to focus on pulling together all elements whilst she could track progress on set. At times I had to set tough time scales to shoot certain scenes to a bad response, but despite this the film still managed to be completed in the allotted time.

Everything was running to schedule as editing begun and sound started to make preliminary recordings. Come the beginning of March everything started to break away from the agreed production schedule. Many factors attributed to this such as the picture lock taking longer than anticipated and having to accommodate for a re-shoot. As soon as one element of post broke away from the schedule there was little to do other than witness a chain reaction effect as every department broke away from their schedules.

Undertaking colour grading I know I’m not happy with how fair everything has been knocked back. I understand the fact we had to reshoot and Dan/Nathan want to make the best film possible, but its frustrating the lack of time accommodated for post-production, often a common factor in student films.

As a producer I have done my best to remind everyone of the time scale, trying to push the post-production team to make up lost time. I’ve also pulled them together for meetings to review the state of the project, encouraging conversation so everyone can adapt to the delay in schedule. There is little else I can do without physically taking over the editing, this is ultimately the part that delayed everything.

The transmedia element didn’t happen in the end, I’m not certain why this was as I am purely the producer for the film. I’m yet to find out the circumstance of the project, I’ve written this off the final amended schedule.

Overall it took a lot of adapting and reworking but the schedule for production has proven successful, post-production has been all over the place. I did my best to access the situation on a daily basis and intervene when needed. Unfortunately the final delivery film hasn’t met our scheduled early deadline of May 4th, but it will still be delivered and completed ready for the final deadline of May 19th, allocating an early deadline incase of errors proved to be vital. Personally I feel like I maintained the schedule as best as possible, I could have possibly chased up post-production more in hopes the schedule would get back on track, instead I opted to get everyone to adapt.


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