Full Credits List

Whilst assembling the production folder today Nathan and I realised we needed to outline the final credit list so that we could feature it in our folder and pass it on ready for the scrolling credits at the end of the film. Using my contributor list and notes from the last time I updated the credits we were able to quickly pull titles and names together. Nathan found a hollywood industry template as to how you list names so we ordered the credits as appropriate.

Full Credit List

I have personally spoken to each member of the crew to ensure how everyone wants to be listed (e.g. Elizabeth Penny or Liz Penny); confirming they were happy with their role in the credits and changing as appropriate. In addition I checked for any “Special Thanks” credits from any other crew members. Below this section in the credits I have then listed our Kickstarter Backers (fulfilling our pledge) in order of amount pledged – 3x £50+, Left £49 – £21, Right £20 – £1. Our executive producer Charles will feature at the beginning of the credits proceeding Dan, Nathan and I.

Using a template provided by Dan I have transferred the credits across ready for the film using a PSD file. Dan can make any amendments from here, this way we can be certain every title and spelling is correct.



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