Starting My Journey

This entire process of researching and refining my career options has been extremely useful. I came into the year considering lighting in relation to camera, also dabbling in grading; and now I go ahead purely focused on lighting for live event and theatre rather than film. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to experiment with my role and experience in the industry, all of these driving me into a career path for lighting design. Whilst its a little side tracked from the filmmaking course I can appreciate how experimenting in this art form has enabled me creative freedom eventually finding myself building a professional career on my employment history (North Somerset Council and Timber Lake Camp).

I am certain in what I want from a career and I now feel I have the necessary skills and representation to propel myself forwards. This journey has already begun with my freelance contract with the Alma Theatre.¬†Furthermore I am in the process of completing the last few checks and anticipate starting my employment with the Regrave Theatre as a Theatre Technician. I’m eager to get my career started, who knows where it’ll take me!


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