Cast & Crew Screening

Tonights cast and crew screening went extremely well, it is safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves and only positives words were passed around. The following attended the event:

  • Dan & Nathan (Writer/Directors)
  • Jordan (Sound Mixer/Editor)
  • Jesse (Boom/Foley)
  • Helen (Practical Effects)
  • Harry (Unit Production Manager)
  • Julie Harvey +1 (UWE Glenside Health & Safety)
  • Lizi Carey + dad (Amber)
  • Olivia Coombs + family (Elly)
  • Thomas Collins (Kramer)
  • Michael Farrow +1 (Anthony)
  • Tyler Britton + 2 (Gang Member 2)

It would have been nice to have had an entire crew attend the event, but understandably people have other commitments. Those attending represented a good range of involvement and able to provide different perspectives when commenting on the film.

Adele Coombs spoke to me regarding the ITV Chaperoning situation apologising for what happened, she was happy with the arrangements and had no problems whatsoever, was the case of the workshop acting without their consideration. I never thought for one moment her or Olivia had any problems with the shoot as we established a great working relationship constantly checking in throughout the production process, nevertheless it is greatly appreciated and removed any awkward feeling relating to it.

Julie Harvey and her partner were extremely impressed about the level of organisation that went into the project when asking me about producing it. The fact I had to deal with actors from multiple cities, tight time frames and diverse locations they were surprised I managed to pull it off and congratulated me on my achievement.



Following the screening there was a rupture of applauses, everyone was fully engaged throughout the film and only had positive things to say about it. The range of audience suggests a wider appeal when considering the future of the project.


The Crofters Rights was a nice venue for the screening, it was a very personal experience and I’m glad it all went as expected. I took the opportunity to notify everyone of the immediate future – degree show, email copies – expressing thanks for any level of input once again.

The entire film was engaging constantly keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as they kept up with the ever developing narrative. There was mutual admiration of the technical and creative crafts (e.g. comments on grade and sound design). Its 23 minute duration seemed to go extremely fast proving the level of immersion it causes. A thoroughly enjoyable evening, a great catch up, and ultimately a final film that everyone can be proud of attributing to.


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