Contributions Completed

The World Of The Willows has been the longest journey of all the productions I’ve worked on this year, in theory starting June 2014 when I agreed to the idea with Dan & Nathan, and even now after its completion there will still be festivals, Kickstarter pledges, etc.

Having contributed to the entire production process I feel I have managed to keep the project on track and ultimately fulfil my expectations of delivering it to time and on budget. Whilst I wasn’t on shoot I still found myself working on the project on a daily basis throughout production, treating it as a organic process as I developed the schedule and accommodated for budget on a daily budget. This attributed to creating a driving schedule, changing shot lists, finding locations, etc.

The crew themselves were fantastic and made the project enjoyable for me as a producer. Everyone was enthusiastic and reliable, at no point was I having to dramatically chase any down regarding their input, however as good practice I still ensured everyone was ‘in the loop’ on a personal basis. When on location there were little issues to report, especially after streamlining the crew for the entire shoot. I would report with Rashida and Harry regularly regarding the state of production, any on set issues never seemed to carry across to the entire state of production.

There is nothing I would change about the people involved with the production, everyone pulled through to make a fantastic production. I feel the only way to improve this would be more time and more money, allowing us to be even more ambitious. Nathan & Dan have mentioned their concerns between the film and the script, but ultimately considering the circumstances of production we made a fantastic piece of fiction.

This role has been hugely beneficial in developing my base skill set that I can carry across to any future professional role. Skills such as organisational, social, logistical and financial. Whilst I don’t have any interest in pursuing producing professional I will always appreciate the experience this production has offered and continue to be proud of the film.

Unfortunately colour grading was rushed, whilst it was an annoyance creatively I can respect logistically the importance on getting the VFX finished. The grain loaded onto the film provided most of the visual style we were after meaning my role was mostly colour matching and correcting, with the odd stylistic choice like bluer washes in the hospital. The back and forth process of grading with Dan happened quickly over two days, being completely in the mindset of grading with no other responsibilities definitely helped to speed up the process. I’m extremely happy with the end result.

The screening was a fantastic opportunity to get an audience response and thankfully it was only praises. In theory even if the film was terrible as along as everyone who contributed like it then that is a success in my books. It was a great atmosphere for a send off in preparation for university hand in and whatever else proceeds.

Looking ahead Dan & Nathan have been investigating film festivals for their work, I will help where possible and support these endeavours as best as I can. I really hope it makes it to screen elsewhere as I honestly think its a fantastic piece of filmmaking that everyone involved should be so proud of. With the remaining budget I will get the Kickstarter pledges fulfilled with Dan – posters, scripts, copies of film. Finally I will ensure everyone involved receives a copy of the film as it won’t be online until festival season has passed. I’ve got the entire contributor list for emailing purposes so any developments I will keep everyone in the loop.


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